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Truly it was a great journey, and in it I met with many, whom to know was to love but whom never could I see again for life has not space enough.



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Peep at some distant orb has power to raise and purify our thoughts like a strain of sacred music, or a noble picture, or a passage from the grander poets. It always does one good.

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Belal Ahmed

Managing Director Sir



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Managing Director Golden Son Ltd.

(GSL) As the Managing Director it is my responsibility to assure our all clients that the products we manufacture here at Golden Son Limited are made using the best quality raw materials and state of the art manufacturing technologies. We have taken great strides to broaden our expertise on different methods in the production process in many of our departments, combining foreign engineering with Bangladesh's diligent, heard working and skilled labour force to make long lasting home appliances for your needs. Therefore I am proud to say that we have a good standing in multiple departments ranging from electrical and non-electrical appliances, hardware and parts, LED and Solar based lighting to garment accessories ensuring that you find almost the whole range of products that you need for your own business from us. Sincerely,Belal Ahmed